Denise Mestanza-Taylor
Florida House District 37

Standing for Florida's Future


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Who is Denise?


During her time as an elementary school teacher, Denise observed firsthand the painstaking expectations placed on teachers and students through rigorous testing schedules and an uneven playing field for at-risk students. Her passion for education yearns to make classrooms a place to scaffold life-long learners not teach to standardized tests.

Married for nearly 20 years to her husband, Allan Taylor, Denise left the classroom after the birth of her first child. As a stay at home mom of three, she organized and led multiple mother’s groups while remaining active in the education field as a classroom volunteer at her children’s schools. As she spent time with other mothers, Denise witnessed the growing pains many women faced transitioning from careers to being full-time caregivers, and the struggles many families faced during 2007 housing market crash and 2008 recession.

In addition to her volunteer service, Denise turned her popular blog, Run DMT, into a successful social media venture and small business when she founded Tampa Bay Bloggers, an organization that supports other local businesses and bloggers.

Denise and her husband have three children: Allana (16), Emmalynn (12) and Liam (7). As a former Pasco County educator, community organizer, small business owner and marathon competitor, Denise Mestanza-Taylor has trained decades to run for office. Her proven leadership skills and achievements will serve District 37 well by understanding what Pasco residents want for our future.

The Platform


As a former Pasco county educator, I understand the struggles our teachers face. As a mom, I understand the hurdles our children face. I vow to be the voice for educators and an advocate for Florida's schools. It's time to keep politics out of the classroom.


While Florida relies heavily on its tourism, our families rely on good paying jobs. I plan to create an economic environment that attract good paying jobs to Pasco.

Affordable Healthcare

No family should ever have to decide between healthcare and putting food on the table. I intend to fight for medicare for all Floridians.